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Company profile

Shanghai Panfeng Machinery  Co., Ltd. is an integrated service supplier specializing in the production of fermented meat  and ready-to-eat fruits and vegetables. By agent MADEFRIGOR (founded in 1970)PLCLIMA INOXMECCANICA (founded in 1975), SONCINI (founded in 1952), this three major brands combing the cooperation between the domestic design and engineering service team and the Italian COBEINGEGNERIA design division from the hardware and software, we provide customers a full range of services in the production of fermented meat products and ready-to-eat fruit and vegetable production plants.



The founder team of Shanghai Panfeng Machinery Co., Ltd. is engaged in the domestic food industry, mainly in foreign food equipment engineering service suppliers to provide fermented meat products (fermented ham, salami) production line, ready-to-eat fruit and vegetable production plants for many domestic customers.

  During the period we found that many projects with advanced equipment and design concepts because that too many parts including the foreign and the domestic ones involved but there is no one team who make the overall coordination professional enough both with the systematic knowledge of engineering ,project management ,technology in food processing industry field. As a  result there are many problem when the projects carried out . For example foreign equipment and  design cannot match the actual domestic production needs, production, engineering standards (such as domestic SC, fire protection and other standards) .

Throughsome  large-scale fermented meat product projects  we the founder team of Shanghai Through one large project for ham processing plant in Guizhou China cooperated again with the foreign suppliers who cooperated many times before.  All parts expressed its intention to establish a domestic company that integrates a number of foreign equipment suppliers, design studio with the ability to integrate China's local equipment, processes and engineering standards wtih the operation of all relevant projects in China.

  Thus, Shanghai Panfeng Machinery Co., Ltd. came out.


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